Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pull Up Bars Au Naturale

Polished chrome, powder coated, galvanized, padded, textured, painted, etc. The number of questions we recieve regarding the actual finish on pull up bar surfaces has ramped up; hmm.

Like everything, personal preference is going to ultimately prevail. There is no right or wrong and it comes down to comfort and performance results. As you know, we are all out there using pull ups in our strength building programs in a variety of ways. My personal use of pull up bars is going to vary from the next guy, so the surface I am hanging from may differ as well. Sometimes the answer is simply, “it’s what we get used to”.

So what about all those surfaces? Well, if you want it, there is someone out there selling it; a smorgasbord for the taking. From our perspective, we are of the opinion that most of the manipulation is simply not necessary. In our view, raw steel, minimally treated, provides the most natural and most effective all-purpose grip for all pull up variations. A simple agent used to blacken the steel leaves the integrity of the pull up bar?surface in tact, but gives it a rugged and cool look. Over time, with the natural oils from your hands, combined with the sweat and effort from some killer work outs and the bars become well conditioned; perfect for pulling.? Applying a little non-odorous lubricant on a damp rag once in a while, keeps the bars perfectly “seasoned”.

As for galvanized bars specifically(think chain link fence), it won’t alter the grip surface much. But unless you are using the bar in an outdoor application where weather proofing is a requirement, it’s a step and expense that won’t add much else. Alternatively, for a weather proof option, you might want to consider the process we use at STEELFIT which involves metalizing the surface which protects it from the most extreme of outdoor conditions.

So, it may not be advisable (unless your motives involve more then strength building) to
hit that next set of pull ups in YOUR Birthday Suit………..but for our money, letting the bars you?hang and pull from go “au naturale” is the only way to go!

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