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selling doorway chin up/pull up bar with no screws needed, FOR $23

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Want to exercise at home?? want to improve your fitness or number of pullups?? why not train AT HOME?
The only way to improve your pullups in to consistently do them!

at the start of this year, i couldnt do a single pullup, i realised i need to train and i bought the doorway gym pullup bar,in 6 months time, my number of pullups INCREASED FROM 0 TO 14!!

And i got Gold for my Napfa test, first time in my life!!!

Pull up bars such as the ones I'm selling are IMPORTED FROM USA and sold exclusively in LIMITED STORES.

you can also perform other exercises such as leg raises or incline pullups(yes u can adjust height of the bar easily)

if you google "pullup bars singapore" the bars cost around $90 and they require drilling!! moreover, they do not fit in all doors!

Want to do more pullups than your friends? want to look like these guys??:

my friends have all bought the pull up bar from me and many have thanked me for helping them improving their fitness, you can too! Even if you do not need it, i am sure your family members would love this piece of gym equipment which is convenient and durable.



                          NEW PRICE:  $23

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1: durable and comfortable hand grip
2: support up to 120 kg
3: easy installation and removal (5 mins) + no screws and no drilling required
4: cheaper than most other bars in singapore(due to direct import from usa)
5: fit in all singapore doors, PROMISE!!
6: easy collection, after you've confirmed your order, the collection point would be at yishun mrt station at an agreed time


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Doorway Pull up/Chin up bar singapore, no screws

Pull Ups: Why are they so effective

There are a few things in life I feel that every person should be able to do. For example, the ability to swim, conversational speaking ability in another language, and being able to pull oneself up off of the ground. While the first two speak for themselves, the last one might seem a bit vague. What I am referring to is being able to perform a pull up and/or a chin up.

Why do I feel that being able to perform a pull/chin up is important?
For the most part, the majority of people have the ability to push themselves up off of the ground. For example, a push up or simply pushing against the armrests of a chair in order to help you stand. However, ask the average person to grab a hold of a bar and pull them-self up out of a chair and they would probably have a problem.

While not all of us need to be able to pull ourselves up and over obstacles like a fireman or soldier I do feel that pull ups and chin ups are absolutely beneficial to every single person around. And please allow me to be frank. Just because you might be able to use massive amounts of weight on a lat pull down machine doesn't mean anything. If you can't do a pull up using your own body-weight you are missing out on one of the best functional exercises out there.

So here's my challenge. No matter where you are in your level of health and exercise, let's get at least 3 full chin ups and pull ups in the next 3 months. You can do it. Remember 'desire' from the last article?
Aright then! Let's jump in to it!

What's A Pull Up? Chin Up?
Let's first look at the the difference between a pull up and a chin up. Basically, it is simply in the positioning of the hands.
A pull up is where the hands are pronated by using an overhand grip. When gripping a bar with palms outwards looking at the back of your hands you are ready for a pull up. While a pull up uses many muscles, it primarily targets the latissimus dorsi muscle group in the back. The big muscles located on the sides of your body. Your wing muscles if you will.
Now switch the direction of your hands by gripping the bar while looking at your palms. You are now using the underhand grip, or supinated grip, and are ready for chin-ups. Both the pull up and chin up incorporate the back muscles, but if you are looking for 'big guns' then chin ups are your best weapon.

Cranking Them Out
I have done chin ups and pull ups since I was a young boy. Just ask my dad. He was there when I did my first ones as a wee lad. Having been a competitive gymnast for over 1/3 of my life I have done more chins and pulls than the average person. And I continue to do them to this day. In fact they are probably my most favorite body
movement hands down.

If you scour the internet you will find many different ways and explanations on how towork your way up to being able to do a pull/chin up. I think that there is some great advice on how to get strong for pull/chin ups. What I would like to share with you are a few proven techniques that I use with my clients that can be done with anything that you hang from. Whether that be a chin up bar, a pair of gymnastic rings, a rafter, a door frame, a broom stool, or a jungle gym. Again, this is how I teach. It doesn't mean you can't achieve pull/chin ups by using an alternative method.

Getting Started
No matter a person's level, I always have them start out with what is called an Australian Pull Up. Sometimes this is referred to as a Reverse Push-Up, Incline Pull-Up, or Inverted Row.
Start with a bar about three feet off of the ground. If you don't have a bar than you can use a broom stick placed between two sturdy chairs. Lie down under the bar and grasp it shoulder with apart using an overhand grip. While keeping your shoulders under the bar and arms straight, extend your legs out so that your heels are the only thing in contact with the floor. Flex your butt and core and don't let your rear-end hang down. If this position is too difficult slightly bend your knees to where are you able to hold this position comfortably. Next, exhale and pull your chest up to the bar keeping your back flat and core tight.
Work on doing multiple sets of up to 5 clean repetitions. The important thing in performing these is keeping your body as tight as possible and pulling to your chest, not chin. Once you feel comfortable with these it is time to move on to the next level.
The Jump Pull Up Hold
In the next progression you will work on pull up holds. If you are from the United States you might remember the girls in your gym class having to do these for the Presidential Physical Fitness test. I believe now that it is called 'The President's Challenge'. Either way, this exercise isn't just for girls. If you can't do pull ups than this is for you guys out there also.
The explanation for this exercise is very easy however this can be a tough move. Jump up and hold yourself in the top position of the pull up. Make sure your chin is over the bar at the top position and lower yourself as slowly as possible. Try to hold the top position for as long as you can before lowering yourself. For example, a good 2 to 3 seconds in the top position and a good slow 3 seconds lowering yourself. Once you get good at this try and jump up and pull your chest to the bar before holding at the new top position. I think you will find this to be pretty tough!

The Chair Support Chin Up
Next it is time to work on pulling yourself upwards. I have found that most people can do a chin up more easily than a pull up. Therefore, we will start out with the chin up.
A partner is nice to have but sometimes you won't always have someone around to lend a helping hand. So, for this next version we will use a chair or bench for assistance. If you are working out in a park it might be tough to take a chair with you. However, if you really want to get chin ups then take something like a chair with you that will act as a support.

Place the chair under the bar so that it is slightly behind it. Not directly below it. Stand on the chair and grab the bar with an underhand grip for chin ups. Now lower yourself so that your arms are straight with your legs bent on the chair. If you can start with both of your legs bent with your shins on the chair that would be great. Next, exhale, contract your core and pull upwards towards the bar. Push against the chair with your toes (legs) while you are pulling with your arms. At first you will probably have trouble getting all the way up however that is what your legs are for. Once you get your chin over the bar lower yourself as slowly as you can just like in the Jump Holds.
Work this progression for 3 sets of 3 to 5 repetitions gradually reducing the amount of support you supply with your legs each session. You will find that if you consciously activate your core and pull with your whole body, rather than just focusing on your arms, you will get full chin ups without any support in no time.

Once you get chin ups without the use of the chair it is time to move into pull ups. Simply make use of the chair again and work on reducing the amount of leg support you are using with each session. Simple as that.

The Next Step
After you can do a couple of standard pull ups and chin ups with your chin clearing the bar it is time to work on increasing your numbers. While there are plenty of different programs for working on accomplishing this I have my clients add one more repetition every other session.
So for example, if you can do 3 chin ups, focus on doing 4 reps for the next two workouts. After that you will add one more so that you focus on doing 5 reps for the next two sessions and so on until you can perform 10 total reps in one set. However, this is not carved in stone! Take as much time as you need and work slowly up to 10 reps.
Once you can comfortably perform 10 consecutive chin ups or pull ups in a row it is time to add weight to them. I suggest that you use a weight belt and start with a 5 lb weight strapped to the belt. Again, go slow and gradually increase the weight that you are pulling and most importantly use perfect form!!!! Be aware that your numbers will decrease at first when you use weight.
Final Word
While this article is mainly geared towards those who currently cannot do pull/chin ups, I think that you will find that the above progressions can help in working on any pull up/ chin up variation.
I might make the pull up/chin up progression sound easy but to tell the truth, it is! I have worked with countless amounts of people on chin ups and pull ups and I have them doing them in no time. If you really focus on the proper alignment of the body along with incremental progression as explained above you will have no problem. So get out there and show the world that you really are pulling your weight!
If you have any questions or just can't seem to get chin ups or pull ups let me know. I would love to help you get them. After finishing your pull ups, you might need additional gym equipment to bring your fitness to a new level.

Finding the best doorway pull up bar can be a challenge. There are a number of pull up bars that don't handle the pressure they are placed under well. These bars break after a few months of use. In Best doorway pull up bar we will review 2 pull up bars, one traditional bar and one clever new pull up bar.
Every home gym should have a pull up bar singapore. The workout it gives your upper body is unrivaled by any other piece of exercise equipment.

There are several types of pull up bars on the market but if you are working out at home, the best type to consider are the door pull up bars that can be used in just about any door frame. If you have the room outside in the back yard or a huge spare room in the house, a standard pull up bar piece of gym equipment with the frame would be ideal.

However, most of us don't have that kind of room in our homes or simply don't want to spend more money on another piece of gym equipment. This is where the pull up bar for door frames comes in handy. There are two basic types which you can buy.
The first type is the mounted version which requires permanent placement of the pull up bar in a door frame. This is ideal if you install it in a room that is specifically just for exercise or in a basement out of the way of guests.
The second type is the removable version which you can move from door to door or store away when you are not using it. This one is the most preferred as you can travel with it if you want.
Both versions are relatively affordable. It comes down to a matter of preference in terms of your usage. Travel around faster with electric scooters in Singapore

Most durable pull up bar in singapore

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