Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pull Ups – The Perfect Exercise

Reflecting on our pull up journey over the last several years, education alone has been eye opening for sure. While?we thought?we knew something about pull ups before, what we really garnered was how much more there was to learn.

Human physiology, muscle impact, variants, technique, history and so much more has
entered into?the STEELFIT?pull up vocabulary, we are feeling a bit overwhelmed and “validated” at the same time. Before you say that?we are getting carried away, let?us assure you that?we remain grounded…………..but even more passionate now if that’s possible.

Bottom line, pull ups are incredibly simple (not easy though) yet complex and powerful at the same time. They are the purist and most natural way to strengthen and build muscles in your back; we all want lats that resemble wings, no? But, pull ups will also sneak up
and surprise you with their profound impact on your arms (biceps and forearms),and total core. I can promise you that this guy hasn’t done an arm curl in months and months,?yet biceps are more pumped than ever. As we have said numerous times before, the pull up is the king of all back exercises in our?view, providing benefits to every color muscle on the image?included along with this post.

It is perfectly clear that we are more of a STUDENT of the exercise today than than ever before and this “Pursuit” (of the?perfect pull up)?we initiated years back, ?just keeps getting
better and better. There is so much more to explore and learn!


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