Thursday, December 6, 2012

Commando Grip Pull Ups

Keep your hands moving!

Commando Pull Up Demonstration Commando Pull Up Demo on FREE-Bar

Recently, we were talking with some guys about “loading” the arsenal with more pull-up options to incorporate into your daily workouts. By varying the pull up, you will hit different muscles each time. Wide Grip, Close Grip, Off-Set and one of our personal favorites, the COMMANDO are now staples in the pull up diet.

The Commando pull-up is an alternative to the strict overhand pull up or underhand chin up. With focus now on the chest in addition to the arms and lats, Commandos are harder than regular strict pull ups and definitely forces you to engage muscles in ways that they are not usually worked.

The grip is important to perform the Commando correctly. Stand sideways directly under the bar (not facing the bar, but looking down along the bar) and place your hands one in front of the other. When you jump up and grab the bar this way, your palms should be facing each other. Pull up and lower yourself down. Pull yourself up and slightly to the side of the bar without banging your head) to the side of the hand that’s forward and on the next set, switch hands, and pull to that side.

You can do variations of the Commando on all types of bars and just about anything you can jump up on and hang from. For extra fun and challenge, do Commandos on a thick bar!

It really is that easy. By varying grips and pushing yourself to mix things up a bit, the benefits appear to go beyond a simple cure for boredom and monotony in the work out. So keep those hands moving………Commando style in this case!

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